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New Blood on State Street, Burlington Coat Factory Sells Everything (More Than Great Coats). What Does it All Mean?

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[Photos: James Atkins]

Nationally known discount retailer Burlington Coat Factory has opened its latest location last week in the Loop. This Midwest flagship is Chicago's 5th and the largest store weighing in at 60,000 square feet. When we stopped by to check it out all the usual categories including dresses, juniors, menswear, footwear, children's clothing and children's accessories as well as furniture.

Yes, it was difficult to see Filene's Basement go under (NY felt the pain too) but in some ways Burlington Coat Factory and the new DSW south on State Street have filled the void Filene's left (literally). Also with America's first CityTarget and Old Navy moving up the street into the vacant Borders, which opens a big box on the corner the State Street re-energization finally has ground to build on and attract new tenants.

The reason we bring Burlington to the spotlight today and all this other stuff up, is because, similarly to all the movin' and shakin' happenin' in the Viagra Triangle and along Oak, the trusted retailers and big boxes on State are getting 'hip with the game' and changing for the better... and when that happens, we get hip tenants.
· Burlington Coat Factory [Official Site]