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This is the Collection J.Cheikh Just Let Loose in Paris:

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[Photography: Josh Filauri]

Fresh off the jet from Paris, Cheikh Lam and Sophie Lin have been welcomed back to Chicago by the residual lauding of international press hitting their inboxes. For the first time ever, mere steps away from the first Chanel boutique on rue Cambon, black forces in fashion gathered at a pavilion to see Black Fashion Week. Under the label J.Cheikh, the duo told us over the phone today the collection they showed, was "an accumulation of all our experiences this year. The designs are things that have worked for us and looks we will 'expand' on".

Next week at Chicago's Fashion Focus, J.Cheikh will be showing the expansion of these looks. Expect more shorts and the most versatile styles of modern european menswear. Though the couple has just returned to US soil, they are highly optimistic about acquiring new stockists from the show, saying their French agents are busy culling the interested parties and will have the flu list by Monday.
· J.Cheikh [Official Site]