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Vosges Sister Brand Comes Out With Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips Flavored Chocolate Bar; Voges Land Forthcoming

Photo: Foodspotting

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Chicago-based chocolatier, owner of Vosges, Katrina Markoff, is "soon" expanding to a create a Willy Wonka dreamland with lots of retail and a cafe on the near west side that we're affectionately naming Vosges Land. On a more immediate note, earlier this year in May she launched a second company as you may have heard is called Wild Ophelia and can be found at mass market retailers. Pure Wow reports that there are two new flavors that are being released this October: Mount Sequoia Granola and Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips. Both of these chocolate bars, we can only assume, without having them in our mouth just yet, will taste like schnozberries.
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