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Defy Bags Releases Nearly Bulletproof Messenger Bag

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We got an email this morning that, albeit very suspicious, we had to explore further. scrolling down the body of the email, there was a JPG of a letter which looked to be photocopied and riddled with black lines concealing the verbiage. Turns out this was a covert email from a highly secret agency letting us know that Defy Bags has come out with a new line. It happened yesterday and it's called the Redacted Series. The bag comes in six colors, has front and back pockets, is constructed of heavy duty 1000 Denier nearly bulletproof Cordura and the closures are Austrialpin Cobra quick release. What would one expect to pay for all this fine material which comprises one of the finest bags made in Chicago the US? A cool $262.
· Defy Bags [Official Site]