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George Zaharoff Moving Into Marilyn Miglin's Old House

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We walked down Oak Street recently and saw that it's still transforming. Emporio Armani just opened, Lanvin has yet to open, Geneva Seal recently moved in, Luca Luca is vacant, and the newest news is that the Marilyn Miglin building will soon have a new inhabitant--George Zaharoff. If the name doesn't sound familiar to you, it will soon--it'll be on the tongue of every bespoke loving male (and female).

George Zaharoff designs bespoke luxury menswear, and his line is featured in some Nordstrom stores around the country. But at the end of this month, an expansive 6,000 square foot space in the Marilyn Miglin building will house his menswear and accessories, along with the first Marilyn Miglin Institute. The three-story space will be the flagship store of the Zaharoff brand. The first floor will focus on retail and ready-to-wear pieces, while the top floor will be the bespoke atelier, reached by a grand staircase--think white haired men with pins and tape measures fussing over you while you close multi-million dollar deals. Yes, the the salon will have a very old world feel to it, but it won't be too high brow. Of course, an e-commerce site will bring things back down to earth...or at least cyberspace.
· George Zaharoff [Official Site]


110 E Oak street, Chicago IL