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Here We Have Several Tight, Toned Gentlemen (and One Sexy Woman) in Their Underwear

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[Photos: Joem C. Bayawa]

What would Fashion Focus be without half naked guys in underwear? It just wouldn't be right. This year, sort-of like last year, the half naked guys came from the genius of underwear designer, Richard Dayhoff and jewelry designer, Tracey Mayer. The informal underwear showing (which was accessorized with silver jewelry happened last night at Bar Toma in the Gold Coast.

Dayhoff's contour trunk incorporates an innovative perspiration control system with capillary action. Its multilayer structure rapidly transports perspiration to the fabric's outer surface. Once there, it is dispersed throughout the fabric and quickly evaporates. The inner layer remains dry; therefore the fabric always feels lightweight and fresh. Each trunk costs $80 and for Fall 2012 comes in the limited edition ink blue.
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