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Now Have a Look Inside Emporio Armani on Oak

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[Photos: James Atkins Photography]

Hopefully the news of Armani's accessible line, Emporio Armani opening their latest 6,000 square foot flagship, is tickling your pickle. If you haven't been in yet, the two story boutique, which used to be Chelsea Passage before Barneys moved across the street is stocking all the fast and sleek design you'd expect from the Campari slinging young Milanese Vespa crowd. It's casual and upscale, and by that we mean affordable luxury.

The finishes throughout the store, which have been carefully conceived by the design team in Milan are black glass, sliver touches in the wallpaper and a grey stone tile floors. Downstairs, he cash wrap is placed in the back of the floor with clothing on the left and shoes and makeup on the right. The staircase is still the focal point to the store, gracefully leading you to explore the mens section upstairs. The boutique will host grand opening tomorrow night.
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Emporio Armani

25 E Oak, Chicago , IL 60611