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Mohop Gives 30% Off for Ready-to-Wear Convertible Sandals

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We're excited that it's boot season. Not only can we wear motorcycle, cowboy and riding shoes, but this also means summer sales!

Local, recycled, sustainably sourced, fair trade footwear brand Mohop is offering 30% off their ready-to-wear line of wood-soled sandals to get ready for its new collection out at the end of this year.

We love that Mohop designed the shape to fit the curvature of the foot and allowed for the best fitting ribbon positions. Plus, the shoes can be worn in a myriad of styles, to shake it up, by lacing the ribbon in various ways. Each pair even comes with seven ribbons—each of a different color or pattern.

We'll wear some tights underneath our pair for a fun fall look and come winter, they'll go comfortably in our closet for easy access during warmer weather! —Robin Clement
· Mohop [Official Site]