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Nate Berkus Comes Home

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Chicago's favorite cutie, Nate Berkus, will be back in town on Oct. 23 for a book signing of his new book, The Things that Matter. He'll be at Jayson Home & Garden from 5-8pm to mingle with guests, offer home design and decorating tips and to just chill out. We miss him so much now that he's in New York, and can't wait to chat him up about his show and his former boo, Brian Atwood, one of our fave shoe designers. But it ain't a party unless there's some refreshments and apps, which will be lovingly supplied by Sofia Coppola's pink canned bubbly, Sofia, and Real Kitchen catering. Ka-ching! But if you can't make it to the par-tay, you can always order the book online. God bless the interwebs. [Racked Inbox]