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Lace Face Masks and Men In Kilts at Maison De LaCour's Spring 13

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[Photography: James Atkins]

This year for Fashion Focus, local designer, Julius LaCour, under the label Maison De LaCour sent out designs that spoke of courage, sophistication and passion. Maison De LaCour's show, "The Immaculate One", which benefited the American Cancer Society, started off Alyssa, a youngster, stricken with the ailment, walking down the runway in a brand new dress. Then came the Maison De LaCour ready-to-wear collection, which was mostly black, white and tan garments featuring religious cross motifs, black pleather and a man in a khaki kilt.

Then there was a ballet/interpretive dancer who danced to the entire Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. This was the intermission that gave time for the models to change into the more exotic pieces. There were lace face masks, high, flattened colored hair buns, and some embellished suit jackets for men.
· Maison De LaCour [Official Site]