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T-Minus One Week for Uniqlo's E-Commerce Launch, Still No Official Word on Midwest Flagship(s)

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Sheeeez! Great news for all of us over here stateside waiting for Uniqlo's Midwest Flagship(s) to open--it's less than one week to Uniqlo's e-commerce launch. This recent development, out yesterday, detailed options for web-expansion. Uniqlo's U.S. General Manager, Shin Odake has said that the company is trying to develop a relationship with Silicon Valley's high-tech industry and finds the area very attractive. This makes total sense in retrospect seeing that the San Fran store opened before Chicago. As of right now, Global HQ for e-commerce is in Japan, but Odake has said there is more talent here, however, much like the news about the Chicago store, it remains unconfirmed.
· Uniqlo Might Move E-Commerce Headquarters to the US. 'Merica [Racked]