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The Most Frightening Halloween Products From Chicagoland Walgrizzles, Including a Justin Bieber Greeting Card

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'Round this time of season, many Chicagoans are planning their Halloween extravaganzas. Card and Party Giant, Doolin's, Party City or Dulcelandia are no doubt the best, but if it's a last minute party, a hostess gift or you're nowhere near any of these stores, chances are you're near a Walgreens. Each store's rotating seasonal aisle pretty much has the same selections and we've scoured the River North, Old Town and Gold Coast locations for the most ironic BEST and most frightening products.

First, we have a Mitt Romney mask. The woman who is artfully holding the mask in this photo was wearing an Obama Pin and looking for an Obama Mask. Unfortunately, at only $9.99 the Obama mask was sold out and only Mitt remained. Just across the aisle, next to the candy corn, were boxes of Boo Berry, Franken Berry, Count Chocula and the limited edition Halloween Crunch from The Cap'n (the ghosts turn the milk green).

All Walgrizzles are stocking the milk chocolate eggs with a soft fondant center we all know from the springtime holiday formally known as Easter. The same fluffy/pudgy bunny represents the eggs, only in an autumnal outfit with a green halo beneath his bunny butt. Next to that are the Cosby favorite, JELL-O Jigglers in a Halloween kit.

For children, there are flashing vampire teeth for $1.99 which we could only assume would be uncomfortable to keep in your mouth for a long time and are powered by a small battery. Also there are a set of 10 dark, "ghoulicious" press-on nails by Pop Girl which liken themselves to the 'look' of a Hot Topic sale bin.

Finally, in the Hallmark gifts and greeting cards aisle, we find an empty plastic potion bottle which when pressed, screams a little, laughs and a small holographic ghost appears. Her name is Genevieve Ruffles and she's got a bow in her hair. And lastly, perhaps the favorite of the season, a Justin Bieber greeting card that reads, "I don't Get it. Everywhere I go, GIRLS SCREAM." Then when you open the card, he sings 'Baby'.

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