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Cityblue Just Announced a Deal

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It's already time to start thinking about Black Friday. Black Friday. Like last year and the year before that, we'll be keeping an eye on the big box stores for the in-the-flesh deals and the online power players like Amazon for Cyber Monday. These stores know how to play the game. And now, boutiques are playing the game. Check it: Cityblue Apparel & Denim and CB have announced their Black Friday sale. It's a tiered sale starting at noon. From 12-1PM: 50% off, 1-2PM: 40% off, 2-3PM: 30% off, 3-5PM: 20% off. Plus, will offer 30% off everything for Cyber Monday. We're already amassing the list of retailers partaking in the madness, so if you've got a deal, make sure to send it our way. [Racked Inbox]