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5 Tips To Maximize Shopping Potential at the Gilt Warehouse Sale

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We all love fashion. We all love food. Combine the two October 26-27 at the MCA Warehouse for GiltCity's annual Warehouse Sale. Shop shoes, suits, jackets, denim, tops and more for men, women, and children at up to 90% off retail. Want home goods? Browse kitchen, bed and bath accessories too. Hungry from all that shopping? Refuel with KIND bars and popchips, or sip VeeV VitaFrute, La Marca, Vita Coco or FIJI water.

Want a head start? Nicole Banks, Gilt City's Curator, offers her five tips to maximize your shopping potential without heavy clothing and accessories slowing you down.

1. Leggings and Tank Tops Wear tight fitting clothes like leggings and tank tops so that you can try on clothing options easily.

2. Comfortable Shoes There will be a ton of amazing shoes. You're not going to want to sit there (wasting precious shopping time) un-lacing your thigh-high boots.

3. Jacket and Purse All shoppers will need to check their jackets and
purses at the door. Be prepared (maybe even consider leaving your coat/bag in the trunk of your car).

4. Easy on the Accessories Bracelets, chunky earrings, watches, and necklaces will only get in the way of trying stuff on.

5. Plastic Like all Gilt Warehouse Sales, there's no cash accepted, only credit.
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