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Liveblogging the Gilt City Warehouse Sale at MCA Warehouse

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For the third straight year the Gilt City Warehouse Sale is Back at the MCA Warehouse in the waaaay West Loop. We'll be hanging out here for the most part of today, reporting on deals shoppers are scoring, the immense shoe section and the chaos of the racks.

9:45 AM Here we are, arriving 15 minutes before the doors open and there's a line of about 50 people.

10:00 AM The doors opened as the bars were being set up. Shoppers were quick to the shoes, not the mimosas.

10:30 AM - These two women are wobbling over if this purple Halston Dress is worth 100.

11:00 AM -This woman was the first person to purchase something. The item was a silver beaded dress for $89.

11:45 AM:

12:30: Steal of the Day: This woman just got a $975 Christian Cota shift dress for $279.
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