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What Fashion Stylist, April Francis from Dose Market Dressed as for Halloween

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April Francis in the home studio of Emma Arnold

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Over the weekend, the fashion folk were out in full force. It may have been hard to recognize people in costume, but luckily, as the smoke was clearing and our sober was sneaking up on us, we spotted a few friendly faces. Here we have April Francis, fashion stylist, former reality tv girl and founder of Dose Market who was spotted at a Halloween par-taaay hosted by Emma Arnold from Chicago's best style blog, Tres Awesome which [from what we hear] was amazing until it eventually was crashed by the Chicago Police. But who was her alias for the evening and what is she wearing?

"An incredible weekend." April says, "I always get my costume from Silver Moon (last year a custom playboy bunny, the year before a pierrot) because [owner] Liz Meyer does the best in the city!" At the October 14th edition of Dose Market, Liz had a perfect cabaret girl costume on a mannequin. April went into the shop to try it on, loved it, and also tried on the circus ring master jacket which, together blended perfectly. So, in essence, April was a lion tamer circus ring master from the 1920s.
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