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What Glossed and Found Creative Director, Graham Kostic Dressed as for Halloween

Mr. Graham Kostic and Francis Taglia, Photo: James Atkins

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Over the weekend, the fashion folk were out in full force. It may have been hard to recognize people in costume, but luckily, as the smoke was clearing and our sober was sneaking up on us, we spotted a few. Here we have Graham Kostic, Creative Director of Glossed and Found and his partner, Francis Taglia. But who is their alias for the evening and what are they wearing?

Graham says, "We were coal miners. The gear was all from my father, actually." He confesses that it was a very last minute idea. With only one pair of coveralls, that didn't fit the trim gents, they decided to be modify the coal miner costume to be a coal miner who just got off work.
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