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H&M on Michigan Ave is Poised for Anna Dello Russo

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Take off your rings and prepare to fight. The Anna Dello Russo accessories collection for H&M launches tomorrow morning and according to the associates at the store on Michigan Ave, it's gonna be a madhouse. The store, just like other designer launches has been fielding calls and customers asking about the launch. Being Japanese Vogue's editor-at-large, Anna has created a cult following and we expect lots of fans to start creeping out of the woodwork starting late tonight (if this drizzly rain blows over) or early tomorrow morning.

The store once again, even though it's just accessories, luggage, bags and shoes, will implement the bracelet system and let customers enter the store and shop the collection in waves. The only thing we don't know is the area of the store where the collection will be housed. Our best guess is in the room in southwest corner of the store where the Marni for H&M launch took place, rather than that whole insane situation with Versace for H&M on the top floor, which created lines on three separate floors. The store opens at 9AM and you can bet your bad ass we'll be there.
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