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The Top Three Must Haves From Burberry this Fall

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Have you all seen the new Burberry store in its most recent pre-finished incarnation? Well, we have, and it's shaping up to be one hot ass boutique...if you can call it that. Its size is more akin to that of a specialty store a la Neiman's, Barneys or Saks. The gleaming chrome racks are visible from beneath the scaffolding, and the exterior wrapped in signature Burberry novacheck is lit up like the fourth of July. Inside, the hard hat clad men are working away to bring you, fellow Chicagoans, the store of a lifetime.

All of these observations got us to thinking: what's the favorite Burberry style amongst Chicagoans and what would we buy right now? Of course, we can't live without the indispensable trench, the item that Burberry has been known for. Though they come in various lengths and fabrications, and have become increasingly luxe over the years (quilted leather trench, anyone?), it is still a staple of the year round Chicago wardrobe, and always a chic addition to an already stellar ensemble.

Definitely cop the new Burberry watch, the Britain, whose sexy round curves and extraordinary angles make us weak in the knees. It eerily reminds of us the (much!) more expensive Patek Phillipe Aquanaut or Nautilus which we've coveted for so long. Its muted croc band and brushed steel bezel are a perfect addition to our classic wardrobe, but add just a hint of pizazz and funkiness to up the IT factor. Oh, behave...

Chicagoans attend TONS of galas and evening events, we have to have some amazing gowns and cocktail dresses from Burberry's more avant garde line, Burberry Prorsum. In fact, "Prorsum" means "forward." How about that for some fashion trivia? There's a $1500 (yes, $1500) peplum and ruffle asymmetrical skirt that's right up our alley AND on our holiday wish list. And the sheer and silk evening dress is perfect for Lyric Opera's Fantasy of the Opera Ball. But tell us...what aspect of the new Burberry store are you eagerly anticipating? What Burberry branded item do you want to buy that you still have yet to add to your closet? Let us know in the comments below.

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