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Gilt City Chicago Warehouse Sale Wrap Up Review

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The one and only Victoria Olivares, the funny bunny behind the wildly popular twitter handle, @torihatesyou gives us some intelligent hindsight about this past weekend's Gilt City Chicago Warehouse Sale.

[Photos: James Atkins]

This past weekend fashionistas and bargain hunters alike flocked to the MCA Warehouse in West Town for the third annual Gilt City Chicago Warehouse Sale.

Racked Team members attended throughout the weekend and live blogged the event on Saturday. Now, that the sale has come to a close and there has been time to digest it all, I must say that I, myself, was slightly disappointed.

I stood in line for quite some time on Friday evening before I was directed to check my coat and handbag. Ok, I understand why this is done and I've had to do the same at the Barney's Warehouse sale before but it is unsettling nonetheless. After checking my coat, I followed the crowd into the first section: shoes!

In the shoe section long tables were stacked 3 or 4 boxes high with other shoes just strewn about. Luckily the shoes were divided by size because there was no rhyme or reason to sorting through them otherwise. I didn't happen to find anything there so I moved on to the next section: clothes!

The clothing section was divided up between men and women. I did not see, nor do I think, they had been arranged by designer or size because everything was everywhere. For me going through those racks was like digging through racks at any other discount retailer after a long weekend sale: laborious and futile. I managed to spot some great labels (Valentino, Vera Wang, Philip Lim) but nothing that my closet couldn't live without.
On to the last section (and most interesting?): Accessories, Handbags and Miscellaneous. The accessories and handbag table was much smaller than I would have liked. I spotted Rebecca Minkoff and Isabella Fiore among the pile, yes pile. Designer handbags look like they were haphazardly just dumped onto the table. Sad face. Moving down the table there were Chloé and Armani sunglasses and random swimsuit pieces. The next table in the section was men's accessories: neckties and that sort of thing. The last table? well that table was the most interesting and as one twitterer put it "stuff no one wanted the first time around" including random candles, linens, a grill set, a John Deere toy set and wait for it? a definitely already opened Completely Bare Wax set. Ew.

While I didn't walk away with anything, there were plenty of people who did. ChiCityFashion's Jena Gambaccini scored a Proenza Schouler dress for under $175.
How did you do?