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What the Team Behind GEC/XA Wears to Work

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Welcome to the latest edition of Working It, where Racked Chicago takes street style to the next level—the office. The litmus test of the true style-savvy is how she (or he) rocks a look on any old day to work. Forget the pedestrian khakis and buttondowns—these fashionable professionals take the office dress code to a whole other dimension. Quick, somebody call HR!

[All photos: James Atkins]

This week we bring you, the newest collaboration between two powerhouse agencies, the Gold Coast offices of XA and GEC. Together they make GEC/XA The fashion-forward, fast-paced public relations trio rep's trend-setting shops and brands like Michael Kors and Nellcôte so it's no surprise that the team who puts it all together is forward thinking when it comes to personal style. This is how they 'work it' when they're working.

Amanda Puck, EVP of XA, The Experiential Agency (and excited to be collaborating on gec/xa with Vince and Lonnie)

How would you describe your style? Right now it's Melrose Place inspired – that tight jacket "working girl" look, dressing for business. In PR and events we have a little bit more leeway, but I like being able to go from day to evening, so I don't mind a little sparkle in the office.

What is your style advice? Feel comfortable and be confident in your outfit. If not it will affect your work mood all day.

Vincent Anzalone, Co-Founder of Genuine Entertainment Chicago (GEC):

How would you describe your personal style?My style is Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and David Beckham walk into a bar. I'm the bartender and I steal and blend their styles. I'm a sophisticated urban cowboy who prefers quality garments with a lived-in look.

What is your style advice? Pick a few colors you like and stick with them. That way, everything matches. I learned that from Garanimals. For example, I wear almost exclusively blue, brown and gray complemented by black and white.

Lonnie Rodriguez, Co-Founder of Genuine Entertainment Chicago (GEC):

How would you describe your personal style? Upscale/Casual. I like to wear suits, sport coats & ties, and love combining different fabrics & patterns to create a sense of individual style. I think it says a lot about a man who isn't afraid to wear bold colors and mix & match with different patterns.

What is your style advice? Don't get caught up in "what's in". Try to stay true to your sense of individual style. For me, I wear classic, tailored pieces with a modern twist such as bright colors & unique fabrics. And, of course, every outfit has to be finished with the right shoes!
· XA [Official Site]
· GEC [Official Site]


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