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The Line for Anna Dello Russo a Lot Shorter Than Expected, First Person in Line Visiting From Italy

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Approaching the H&M store on North Michigan Ave this morning, we were expecting to come up on a line of at least fifty people, at least based on what the H&M employees told us yesterday. Nope. With only twenty people in line at 8:20, we have a feeling anyone who shows up this morning will have full pick of the crop.

8:25AM - Miss Walker, the first in line, and has been waiting since 4:30AM is visiting from the romantic Italian countryside just south of Milan. The only definite item on her shopping list right now is the alligator necklace citing that is a Cartier look alike. Second and third on her list are the coral statement necklace because it reminded her of Elizabeth Taylor and third, the hat, which would be a great church hat. The only unfortunate downside to seeing the the collection up close and personal is the fact that the color of the gold on some of the product make them look plastic and cheap.

9:00 - Doors open. The line briskly moves inside.

9:08 - We get our [yellow] wristband to shop the 10:05 slot. While inside the store this time we ask one of the H&M associates what her favorite part about launches like this are. Without hesitation and very well-spoken, she responds that she worked through the night setting up the display and merchandising the blue-lit accessory counter. Her favorite part is when the doors open, because everyone's happy--the customers to shop and the employees to see that their work is appreciated.

9:30 - Going to get a Pumpkin Spice latte.

10:04 - We show up for our 10:05 time slot, expecting to have to wait in line and to our dismay, all cordons have been removed and there are six or seven people shopping the collection. No wristband needed. We stand there leisurely with our Pumpkin Spice and try on some bracelets and sunglasses and 'talk shop' with a few stylists there picking up gifts and items for clients.

10:20 - We've completed our mini haul of the collection and we're ready to jet. The only styles that are sold out are the gold clutch with one large turquoise stone in the center and several small ones surrounding it [seen at right] and the large pieces of luggage, which sold out immediately. The store didn't receive the small luggage and the turquoise bracelet is close to being sold out [also seen at right]. FYI, you can click this photo to enlarge it.

So, chances are, if you're in the market for a piece or two from the line, no need to break a sweat--can walk over on your lunch break or after work or probably any time through the weekend.
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