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A Dazzing Display of Fashion at Opera Opening Night

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Elektra, a quintessential Greek tragedy about matricide, was a slightly avant-garde operatic take on Sophocles' story, and took place amongst ancient Greek ruins in a palace. Incest, deception, murder, blood and revenge are de rigueur in Elektra, set to Strauss' tortured score which perfectly narrates the emotional turmoil that rips through the characters for an hour and forty five minutes. Talk about an edge-of-your-seat thriller!

Opera is the most dramatic of all art forms. Elaborate set and costume design, expressive lighting, stellar and powerful acting, and not to mention, powerful, bold unamplified voices that can fill an entire 3500 seat auditorium, all contribute to the glamourous perception of the opera. And for good reason. Opera opening night is the most glamourous night in Chicago, and all of Chicago's glitterati (your Racked editors included) reveled in the Elektra festivities, even though the story itself was tragic and nothing to revel about.

Opening night fashion ran the gamut from creative black tie with velvet Ralph Lauren sport coats and Tom Ford herringbone ties, to full on tuxedos and ball gowns from the likes of Elda de La Rosa, Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta. Diamonds and fur were the accessories of choice for the evening, and at times, it could be argued that the bling outshone the dare we say, elektric performance. Check out some of the highlights below. - J'nai Gaither
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