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Scary Scary and Pretty Scary Halloween Costumes from Last Night

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[Photos: James Atkins]

Most of the city is sober by now, but if you can't remember what happened last night in Lakeview after the Halloween Parade on Halsted, take a gander at these snaps. Here are the most creative, and as Amalie Drury puts it, "scary scary and pretty scary costumes" seen on the strip.

Of course there was Psy from Gangnam Style and one hefty Honey Boo Boo with a stuffed dog and a human poodle, but there was also Firefox (the web browser) and a pissed off drag queen mermaid. Some favorites included a very sweet one-eyed pumpkin dog, a french bulldog as a turtle (not the first time he's been on this blog), a Pop Tart kitten-man with a big teddy bear that was very handsy and "gayliens" or as it was explained to us, gay aliens. Though the Yup-Yup Muppets won the big prize in Miss Foozie's costume contest, and somebody was a pearl inside of a light-up oyster shell, the most creative (we'll be the judge here) was a ramshackle helicopter with blinking lights and moving parts with a drunk pilot that "made in the U.S. during the recession".
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