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New Taxi App Launches Today; Happy 'Hailoday', Everybody!

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@ChicagoCabbie, lookin' spiff with a new taxi for @HailoChicago

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You heard it here, first, folks. A brand spankin' new cab app launched this morning right here in Chicago. The company is called Hailo and it's the world's largest and fastest growing taxi app. Beyond the capabilities of Uber, Hailo uses real-time traffic data, connects a custom-built cabbie back-end to the customer directly and accesses the customer's geo and payment info automatically.

The men behind the app, hailed as an overnight success have been refining the platform for a smooth three years, and are just now ready to Launch in Chicago. Today company celebrates it's one year anniversary in London and are confident that the app will go viral here in Chi city... with the masthead help of uno man, we affectionately know as @ChicagoCabbie. Hell yes, my friends, Rashid Temuri is the man on the ground for the company, headquartered in cab-land central at Orleans and Oak Street.

Used every 15 seconds in London, 24 hrs a day, that's 5,760 cabs used by the app. Starting today, with 10% of the city's drivers already using the app to find customers, Chicago's plethora of 4-wheeled stallions are only two taps away. When you tap and confirm, you're location is geotagged, you get a notification, access to a driver photo (so you know how handsome they are), and an approximate arrival time. When you get out of the cab, the receipt is emailed to you. It's easy on the driver's part too- they can see where the events are (trending places) and where the traffic is backed up so they know to avoid [Clark & Division] congested streets.

[Rashid's phone on the left, the middle phone is what it looks like when we're in the cab (sitting on top of the icon) and the phone on the right was the special edition icon for last night]

Why you should use it right now: Whelp, if you're a cabbie, you get 50¢ each time you pick up a passenger, which helps to pay off that $37,000 medallion on the hood. If you're a passenger, enter the code Hailoday, you get $5 off your ride. AND, the most importantly, because you have he driver's contact info, you get your phone, heels, wallet, iPad back when you forget them in the back seat.
· Hailo Chicago [Official Site]