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Eric Himel's Top 5 'Himelisms' and What He Would Make Giuliana Rancic's Baby Wear

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Racked's own Rea Frey delves into the world of celeb stylist, Eric Himel, just in time to dress Giuliana's baby for the holidays

What do Giuliana Rancic, Windy City Live hosts (Valerie and Ryan) and actress Ali Larter all have in common? They've all been styled by fashion stylist, Eric Himel. From the red carpet to inside your closet, Eric Himel has been everywhere your clothes have, and beyond and this weekend, we sat down with Eric to talk fashion, celebrities, and men's underwear.

Racked: What is your go-to staple for winter fashion?
Eric Himel: A chic winter coat that still keeps you warm.

R: What should a woman never wear?
EH: Too much perfume!

R: If you could dress Giuliana Rancic's baby, what is the first thing you would choose?
EH: Anything from Bonpoint.

R: What instantly makes an outfit an ensemble?
EH: Accessories.

R: We've heard a bit about "Himelisms". Give me your top 5.
EH: 1. Never wear a French manicure.
2. Dirty hair is sexier than clean hair.
3. Don't follow trends.
4. Moisturize religiously.
5. The color black can be boring – branch out.

R: Who's your favorite celebrity to dress and why?
EH: Giuliana (obvi!) because she just 'get's it'.

R: Why should people use your stylist services over other Chicago stylists? What can you wow us with that no one else can?
EH: I have the background of studying fashion design so I know from a technical background about fabrication, tailoring, cut and fit.

R: Boxers or briefs?
EH: Neither (said with a devilish smile).

R: What is the single most important thing in a man's wardrobe? A woman's?
EH: Good shoes.

R: Sum up what fashion means to you in a word:
EH: Style.

Heads up! Eric's December holiday special gets you and your sweetie styled for New Year's Eve for just $400 with the code HIMEL-NYE.
· Eric Himel [Official Site]