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And This is a $3,450 Christmas Card

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When your holiday bonus check arrives, instead of treating yourself to a new Rebecca Minkoff or whisking away to Capri with your hot toddy, why not spend it on a $3,450 Christmas card. Sure, there's the $4 Hallmark selection at Walgrizzle and perhaps a singing santa hat-wearing Justin Bieber card... but you can do better.

Weighing in at 'ten-times the fancy factor' is this stunna called "Illuminated Merry Christmas". Yes, there's Chanukah too, but it's $950 less expensive. It comes from a company appropriately called Gilded Age. Each of their cards is fance-to the pants with no holds barred in opulence. This one is hand painted in a traditional Renaissance techniqueon calf vellum adorned with precious stones including diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Oh, also it's hand gilded with 23k gold and come with complimentary white gloves for proper handling of the fine gilt work.
· Gilded Age [Official Site]