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Urban Remains Upping their Game to Open New Showroom

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The architectural salvage company known by most design savvy shoppers, Urban Remains, is opening a new location this coming January that will feature Bldg. 51 Gallery's artifacts and handcrafted furniture using repurposed industrial materials.

The showroom is just a few storefronts downy the street from the original Urban Remains warehouse and is in close proximity to the soon-closing Post 27. The shop will integrate the museum collection into the design of the showroom providing a gallery for collectors and making the merchandise make that much more delectable.

But it gets better- the Bldg. 51 Gallery, currently located on the third floor of the building, will be a new venue for private auctions, and serve as a space for lectures on the merchandise and collection.
· Urban Remains [Official Site] [Photo: Chicago Home + Garden]

Post 27

1819 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60612 Visit Website

Urban Remains

1818 W Grand, Chicago IL