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Margiela for H&M Opens; Madhouse on Michigan, Sleepy on State

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The State Street window display of Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

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4:30PM- UPDATE: Margiela for H&M: This is What's Left to Shop From [Racked]

9:43AM- State Street: There are no more people waiting in line with wristbands. Low on accessories and shoes. If you're shopping and not in the mood for a madhouse, come to this location.

[Anna and Jasper from The School of the Art Institute tell us what they bought]

9:15AM- Michigan Ave Update: Wave four has hit and people are buying entire racks. There are no more candy wrapper clutches. Only 30 people still waiting to shop. There are a lot of women's coats and dresses left.

9:03AM- State Street

Seems like there are more women here than on Michigan Ave. Shoes, the sock sweater and the glove pouch and coats are hot items. According to a sales associate, nobody has even touched the belt jacket. 8:37AM- Michigan Ave: Our friend Kyle from Hyde Park (leopard sleeping bag) who showed up yesterday after lunch only bought 2 items. Popular items are shoes and men's sweaters. Michigan Ave is a ton of fun and there have been no real fights yet.

8:30AM- Michigan Ave: Employees are wearing Margiela aprons embroidered with the Magiela number grid. We wonder if the aprons will go on eBay just as much of the other merchandise will. This handsome young lad worked til 5AM setting up banners, merchandise and applying white vinyl footprints to the floor. He had an hour break before returning at 6AM. You can click this photo to enlarge the young lad if you feel so inclined.

8:20AM- Just realizing the red Solo cup in Asta Razma'a hand. (See photo at 7:20AM)


The doors are officially open at both locations. This is a video of State Street.


Doors open, everyone has a wrist band. Apparently, both H&M stores in Chicago are only carrying select items. Victoria says, "It's a dance party up in here". 7:41AM- Wristbands at both locations now. Coffee just barely being served at State Street. People are trying on the perfume samples.

7:40AM-State Street:

The line on State street is only about 50 people long. The first people arrived last night at 10:30PM and are in the mood to buy shoes.

7:35AM-Michigan Ave:

They gave everyone rule sheets and perfume samples as security made everyone pack up their sleeping bags. The guys with the tent had people their "gurl frans" come pick up the tent and bottles of pee.

7:20AM- Michigan Ave:

Meet Asta Razma, the 80th shopper in line at Maison Martin Margiela for H&M. Asta is wearing a hat from Bloomingdales, a bag from Marc Jacobs and glasses from Tom Ford.

6:55AM- Michigan Ave: Here's the fashion plate in the line: He's wearing camo shorts with black leggings, combat boots and a tail at the waistband. On top he's wearing a quasi camo button down, a tuke and baseball jacket-brought together with a studded leather fanny pack. BOOM. Oh, and the line grew bigger to 80 people.

6:31AM- Michigan Ave: 70th person just came.

6:05AM-Michigan Ave: The 65th person in line just showed up. Everyone wants to buy coats. No wonder... it's 31°F.

5:45AM- Michigan Ave:

12:34AM-This from H&M on State Street: One person in line earlier this eve. Photo via @j1kim who along with @RoboAnt is trying to get #WhatsThatJacketMargiela trending. The person in the photo looks to be sitting in a chair made for an evening at Ravinia.

12:05AM - This is Kyle, the first in line (since shortly after noon) and proud Hyde Park resident. He's followed by his two buddies, packing a bag of Chex Mix and a wee bit of firewater. What's on their shopping list? Kyle is going to sprint for the white shoes, his friends are going for the belt jacket and more shoes. Shortly after we talked with them two of their girlfriends showed up with hot cocoa.

12:01AM It's midnight. There are six people in line, waiting for the doors of H&M's North Michigan Ave flagship to open. They're waiting and among the first who will be able to shop the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collaboration.
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