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Christian Cota Comes to Show New Collection for Maximilian

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The temperatures may be dropping but the stylish ladies of Chicago are covered when it comes to luxe furs. The Mexican-born designer, Christian Cota visited Bloomingdale's in The 900 Shops last weekend for an appearance where he presented his latest collection from Maximilian. Although it was his first time in the Windy City, he seems to know the women of Chicago pretty well – those female Chicagoans require warmth in the chilly half of the year but just can't sacrifice style for warmth even if their life depended on it. And if you know anything about anything (or have watched a good 90s rap video sometime or another), you know that coats in mink, chinchilla, fox, and alpaca wool will make anyone hot - literally and figuratively.

[Last season's coats are on saaaaale! Click through for prices.]

As the latin-minded designer, who has the design aesthetic of "nobody puts baby in the corner", is inspired by his South American roots, he takes the colors and patterns of Mexico and below, which he then translates them into something 'Baby' can wear shopping on Oak Street in January, as opposed to taking a Latin-lover in Mexico. -Tim Schroeder

900 North Michigan Shops

900 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 Visit Website