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Will The State Street Preacher Follow Old Navy Up the Street?

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Do you "make eyes" at someone who is of the same sex or "go to bed" with a woman you're not married to? How bout you're a puffer of the fancy cigarettes? And if you're a cross dresser, or take it in the extreme opposite direction, wearing no clothes? According to The State Street Preacher, Samuel Chambers, you're "going to hell."

You know exactly what we're talking about and we want to know if you think the location of his post, is relevant to his words. He's stood outside of Old Navy on State and Washington for as long as we can remember. Now that Old Navy is moving north on State to Randolph, will he move with the store? We shall vote. Old Navy opens tomorrow in their new location (the old Borders across the street from the mega Walgreens). Will the State Street Preacher follow suit and move with the store?

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· Samuel Chambers [Facebook]