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Wear Your Bliss: The Garmenteur

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Racked's own Rea Frey, sits down to chat with Jenna DeBord to get the low-down on all the perks her new style service, The Garmenteur has to offer.

If you've ever opened your closet and wondered what to wear, search no more. Thanks to Chicago's own Jenna DeBord (former PR pro and branding specialist), her just launched styling service The Garmenteur solves all your fashion problems.

While we all aren't new to stylists, Jenna offers a few extra perks worth exploring.
Whether you just want to look good on a daily basis or you're shopping for your wedding dress, her styling services run the gamut: from bridal styling to cyber styling (yes, that means you can receive personalized fashion links straight to your inbox, all while eating cereal and lounging in sweats) and even gift finding – The Garmenteur does it all.

If it's presents you want, simply send a few details of your budget, what (and whom) you're shopping for and a link of unique gift ideas will arrive in your inbox. The same goes for the cyber styling – name your budget and style and a list of links will appear to beautify your wardrobe.

Or have Jenna come to your house, edit your wardrobe and turn that mayhem into organized bliss. She'll help you define your staple pieces, match new looks and make a list for any missing garments (and we all have missing items, trust me).

Intrigued? We sat down with Jenna to delve a bit more into The Garmenteur.

RACKED: What item(s) are you always shocked to see people hold onto?
Jenna DeBord: Nothing shocks me? It's mostly just interesting. Everyone has items in their closet that linger because they are entangled with personal sentiment.

R: Give us your top (free!) closet organization tip.
JD: Free, huh?okay. Hangers! Uniformity in hangers is an easy first step towards an aesthetically pleasing closet. I like the slim felt ones best.

R: What 5 pieces should every woman have in their closet?
JD: There are staples that have been touted forever as must-haves (trench coat, LBD, black pumps, etc.) or deemed "safe buys" because regardless of one's style you will have occasion to wear them through the years. I'm interested in helping people pinpoint the specific pieces that make a statement about their own personal style (starting with identifying what that style is in the first place). So, when it comes to snatching up the goods that speak to who you are, there are a few items that can be listed off as worthy investments for ALL women.
For me the 5 items I should have in my closet to build my wardrobe around are: 1) stand-out booties, 2) fabulous leather pieces 3) sophisticated jacket 4) skinny jeans 5) statement jewelry 5.5) grey and white t-shirts?

R: Let's say I have a man I want to buy a present for. He's artsy, techy and a bit metrosexual, but I want to give him something from the heart. What do I buy him?
JD: Ha! Are you by chance talking about your husband?
R: I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about (of course it's my husband).
JD: A Fisheye No. 2 Lomography camera or a unique pocket square and dinner together at Davanti Enoteca.

R: If you could dress anyone in Chicago, who would it be and why?
JD: Any woman who wants to refine her style so that it speaks to who she is (or wants to be) every time she gets dressed.
· The Garmenteur [Official Site]