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Margiela for H&M: This is What's Left to Shop From

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[ Photos: J'nai Gaither, Jared Hatch, James Atkins at State Street's H&M]

Perhaps you caught our blow-by-blow account of the madness this morning. If you recall, it was pretty busy on Michigan Ave and it hasn't really slowed down a whole lot throughout the day while State Street was slower and is still pretty stocked. Here below we've got a rundown of what styles are left to shop.

Michigan Ave: This store is sold out of a lot including the overlap jeans in black; sequined tights; the red dress; the grey oversize sweater dress; camel two-toned trench; a pair black pants; white washed shoes; both red and white high tops. Shortly after doors opened this morning the store received a second shipment to create two Margiela departments in both the men's section on the second level and the women's section on the first level. With the way things are going, associates think most everything will be gone by the end of the day on Saturday.

On State Street: It was busy this morning until about 9:40. A few loyal Racked correspondents went through this location to scope out the merch over the course of the day. This store, though only receiving one shipment still has almost everything. There are two bags that are completely sold out. They are the candy wrapper clutch and the black leather glove.

Nowhere: The only item in the collection that was not represented by either of Chicago's H&M stores was the iconic white puffer coat.
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