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A "First Look" is Worth a 1,000 Words

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The Wedding: Whether engaged, dating or single and ready to mingle, it's the event girls spend their waking (well, and dreaming) hours planning. We want to know what's so now for you ladies, so we asked local wedding planning company Estera Events, which approaches the day with the creative eye of an interior designer, to give us deets on current trends for the special day.

You walk down the aisle, as nervous and excited as you have ever been, and get the first glimpse of your Mr. Charming, and moments-to-be hubby. Rewind?Chuck the tradition of having your first moment together during your wedding march, in front of everyone. Go for an intimate first sighting in your wedding best right before the ceremony, in a private moment between just the two of you (well, and a photographer).

Estera Events says the "first look" is a new trend in weddings. It's personal and intimate. Not only do you get great photos of the reveal, but it's a way to de-stress and remind each other that it's just about you two, being together.

Many couples have decided to go this new route and we love the results. — Robin Clement

· Estera Events [Official Site]