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What in Samhill is Happening at Saks Fifth Avenue

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There's some major movin' and shakin' happening at Saks on Michigan Avenue. From what we hear, things are getting crazay at the Saks Women's store. Apparently the store is trying to find a way to quietly burrow through the back of the space (near the jewelry) to create an express elevator up to the seventh floor. Why to the seventh floor?

Whoever thought of separating the men's and woman's stores must be rolling over in their grave right about now as it hasn't proved to be a stellar decision for business. Come early 2014, the men's store will move across the street to the sixth and seventh floors. Even better, the store will have a restaurant on seven. That's right, your choice of chicken or fish, high above michigan ave with a view of the shopping mignons below.
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Saks Fifth Avenue

700 N Michigan Ave, Chicago IL