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Last Night's SOFA Preview Was Art-Tacular!

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Today begins the opening of the 19th annual SOFA expo at Navy Pier. If you're an art and sculpture lover and have an affinity for glass objets d'art, the craft of wood turning, materials such as granite, ceramic and marble and LOVE large scale art, then you should definitely check out SOFA. But we're not here to talk about the art per se-- we're here to discuss the fashions of the art-loving crowd. Last night, we got a sneak peek of SOFA at their preview night, and relished in the kaleidoscopic colors, shapes and myriad styles of, well, just about everything that we saw. We peeped fab shoes, architectural dresses and skirts, a two-tone Alexander McQueen blazer, insane jewelry, amazing eyewear and even some cool hairstyles. We could barely pay attention to the glass sunburst wall hanging or the oversized buddha statue that at first caught our eye. We were more taken with the people--they were artworks themselves. -J'nai Gaither
· SOFA Expo [Official Site]