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Burberry Opens Global Flagship on Chicago's Michigan Avenue

Photo via @Jared_Hatch on Twitter

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This morning (one minute earlier than promised) at 9:59, iconic British luxury retailer, Burberry opened their latest global flagship on Michigan Avenue.

[Video via @RackedChicago on Twitter]

The five story art piece has already taken stance in architectural history, much like the fashion house has made its footprint in fashion history. Entering the store, for this week, customers are greeted by staff flown in from across the nation.

Gold confetti is at their feet, sprinkled throughout the store; on Prorsum's Corinthian-tiled floor, in knotted ball-chairs in the children's room and scattered on the mauve-toned carpet in the Brit collection. Elevators are on the left, 112 stairs are on the right of which each floor's landing is also sprinkled with gold confetti. 103 flat screens have been placed in the store, looping the latest runway show.

The windows are vast, peppered with spinning gold plaid balloons which seemingly lift bags, umbrellas and accessories into the air. It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here.
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633 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60606