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How Alexis Bittar and Marc by Marc Jacobs Are Puttin' on the Christmas Ritz

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If there's one thing that diehard shoppers look forward to during the holidays, it's how stores pimp out their window displays to grab as much attention as possible. Two of the big boys on the Damen strip have, once again outdone themselves. The first which will last through the season most likely until spring is Alexis Bittar's new taxidermy by Frank J Zits. Arriving this week in huge moving crates, delivered by a private company, the store will get their new seasonal hybrid animals. It is described as a real-life Lisa Frank creation that comes in several different brightly colored pieces and reaches a height of nearly 8 feet and needs a few strong men to install.

The second is Marc by Marc Jacobs who, this weekend had to remove the glass panels of the windows to hoist-in a car that is vinyl-wrapped in a big American Flag and filled with gifts. Though this is the first time the vintage El Camino is in the store, (debauchery in Provincetown) this season its tethered to a thick white rope and tied to an 18-foot elephant wearing leg warmers, an acrylic hat and a cashmere scarf. The scarf ($78) and the hat ($38) are for sale in smaller sizes for humans.
· Marc by Marc Jacobs [Official Site]
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