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All The Late Night Nitty Gritty Bargain Bonanza Sales of Black Friday

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The line at Best Buy, Michigan Ave, 5:30PM

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At this very moment, it's here. After turkey hangover and sports television, the official start to the holiday shopping season starts. People are shaking off the tryptophan and making the journey to the nearest (or most strategic big box store to score the most delicious deal available. From Furby to flat screens, this is the nitty gritty of Black Friday 2012.

3:30 Here we are at Mother's Too, the bar on Division for the Trojan Vibrations giveaway. There have been 365 people throughout the afternoon to claim a free vibe. The woman at the hot dog cart is telling people on the street to "Come on in, fill out a sheet and feel the heat." A conversation we overheard was about how the promotion in New York had far more publicity behind it.

12:30PMThere are workmen inside of Louboutin still doing tilework and cleaning up. The product that had been placed last night had been put away. In our professional opinion, we'll have to continue to wait. Click this photo to enlarge it.

3:45AM There are two people still working in the Christian Louboutin store and there are handbags in the cases, still no shoes though and plywood on the floor. RELATED: The Red Soles Are Coming [Racked]

3:30AM The crowds in the 13 stores that opened at midnight in the Water Tower are thinning out so we're headed home.

[Shawn handles The Good Guys]

3:05 Across the street, Crumbs Bake Shop (just opened) has an enormous ad in the windows at Water Tower. There were people sitting in the cafe section and two employees working. Shawn, the young man putting The Good Guy cupcakes into the case says they open at 5AM with coffee and more cupcakes. We tried to buy one of the Grasshopper cupcakes right now, but Shawn wouldn't budge.

2:30 Margiela for H&M is still not sold out at the H&M on Michigan Ave. It appears that new shipments have arrived because there are styles there that were currently sold out or the staff was confused about the stock levels. For instance, the drapey red dress and the white duvet coat.

1:50 At Forever 21 on State Street, the line to check-out is 47 people long. Outside, waiting to be picked up by their parents are two high school girls who show us their buys-a scarf, heels, a dress and a sweater. One spent around $130 and the other only spent $87. Next door at Urban Outfitters, the line upstairs is 35 people long, the line downstairs is only 11 people long. All cashiers have Black Friday t-shirts, one of them has drawing of a turkey with a multi-colored cat head wearing a santa hat and a rocket-pack taped to the back of his shirt.

1:10 Since we're right down the street from the Target at Roosevelt and Canal, we pop-in and wander around. This Target is pretty sleepy with no hectic lines or hysteria like Best Buy. Checking out the toy aisles, we notice that "the hot item" of the season, redesigned Furby, is still available. One of the stock guys tells us that he's only sold 4 tonight.

12:40 Best Buy on Roosevelt is even more of a madhouse than North Ave. People have been waiting outside of this one for a long time. Again, the hot item here is the TV, and they seem to have an abundance of the Nintendo 3DS Skylanders Giants for $34.99. We ask two people in the computers and electronics departments which item is the best selling in the entire store. They both says without hesitation Apple products, specifically the iPad. Upon leaving the store there were 5 police cars parked outside.

12:05 AM Was just escorted out of Best Buy on North Ave for blogging inside of the store. Just before this happened, we were talking to a man named "Nos" from the western 'burbs with a rainbow hat and really long, really straight bleached hair about a Panasonic camera he was buying.


Meanwhile, in the parking lot, there was Pablo (who works at Ralph lauren's restaurant, RL) with his family who bought three large TVs for $350 each. We helped him load them into the back of his van.

10:30PM- Target at Wilson and Broadway: This quadfrupple of youngsters was quite happy to be involved in the Black Friday celebratory madness and fortunate enough to score the deals early-the store started the deals at 9and will run them until 11AM tomorrow morning. From left to right are Bin, Ian, Catriana and Tyler. Tyler scored a bike with snot green-colored tires ($160 marked down to $89) while Bin cashed in on the TV deal.

5:30PM It's sprinkling and a unseasonably mild 60 degrees. There are 27 people in line at Best Buy on Michigan Ave in the Hancock. The first gentleman is Darren from Wicker Park @Deep_hip_hop on Twitter. He waxes on previous Black Friday experiences (this is his 8th) and speculates that this year's will be one of the last good ones. "It's going down", he says "The sales are too staggered and people are confused. Like, I showed up here at 6 and nobody was here so I booked it in a cab to K Mart. When I got there it was crazy. People pushing and shoving to get tickets for the items... and they were doing another wave at 8."

Darren tries to show up early because Best Buy is known for giving free stuff to the first people in line. Last year he got a Dyson, the year before that a $400 gift card. At midnight tonight, he'll be one of the first in Chicago to buy the 40" Toshiba for $179.

The second person in line was Jeremy from Englewood who got in line at 7AM. He was line buddies with Darren last year and have remained Facebook friends for the past year, sharing their love for technology bargains via the interwebs. Jeremy will be one of the first to buy the NOVO personal computer for $187.
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