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Santa at the 900 Shops Loves Banana Bread With Ice Cream

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Santas are legendary, their beards are mystical and the hat is an iconic fixture of holiday shopping. This season, we're going to sit down with a few Chi-town Santas and "talk shop". We want to know which one of the reindeer really plays games and what the naughty kids actually ask for. Using your indoor voice, come with us as we climb atop Santa's lap and get to business.

[Santa Claus, Photo via James Atkins]

Racked: When did you begin Santa-ing?
Santa Claus: December of 1974

R: How long did it take you to grow your beard?
SC:I start my beard every year on April 15th and I shave my beard off completely on Christmas morning.

R: And how do you maintain it?
SC: I wash it three times per day for the first month, then twice a day after that using a cheap brand of conditioner every month until September and I have a very slight trim off the ends. I then clean, blow dry and style it daily.

R: Aside from milk and cookies, what's your favorite snack?
SC: My wife makes the best banana bread and I have it with a scoop of ice cream (French vanilla) and a coffee.

R: What's the oddest present request you've received this year?
SC: A 15 year old boy asked for a real dinosaur egg and an incubator to hatch the egg in.
What are the most popular presents this year? For the girls: the new American Girl doll and an iPod touch. For the boys: remote control toys, legos and the ever-popular iPod touch.

R: Where does Mrs. Claus like to shop?
SC: She really loves 900 North Michigan Shops!

R: Did you already buy her present?
SC: Yes, I did.

R: How do you prepare for a day's work?
SC: Take a nice hot shower, shave, trim and comb the beard and my hair, brush my teeth, get dressed, grab a coffee from home and a kiss and an "I love you" from the wife as I head out the door!

Santa is located on the third floor of the Shops at 900 now through December, 24. Photo packages start at 26.99 and include a complimentary gift.

900 North Michigan Shops

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