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Inside the Top-notch Ravenswood Shop for All-Things Vintage

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Ramping up for our giant map of all-things absolutely fabulously vintage, Racked's own Tim Schroeder takes an afternoon jaunt to Ravenswood to check out what's new at one of Chicago's favorite antique shops.

There's nothing worse than a chic window display but the store itself is a snooze, that's not the case, however, at Ravenswood Antique Mart. The expansive windows that sit on Damen Avenue in Ravenswood fluctuate rapidly, but that's only to offer a pristine preview of what's to come inside. Using the word 'quaint' would be an understatement to describe this antique shop, as it is a serious outpost for furniture, clothes, accessories (home and fashion) ranging from mid-century modern to art deco. The quality is top-notch, and that is also reflected in the prices. You might even get to see John, the owner of RAM, apply a little elbow grease in the store to certain pieces before getting the ready to be found by their new owner. Each piece in the store is found in the Chicagoland area by the store's ten different scouts. And now indulge in their holiday discount of 20% off everything in the store, from now until December 31. -Tim Schroeder
· Ravenswood Antique Mart [Official Site]