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Holy SHAZAMOLY! The EBONY Fashion Fair Tag Sale is On Fire!

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The major 6-day EBONY Fashion Fair Tag Sale that we brought you a preview peek of on Tuesday, wetting your appetite for furs, feathers and gowns has sold more than half of the 1500 pieces included in the sale. More than half were sold yesterday, opening day of the sale.

It's only day two in a six day run for the sale, so hear this and take it seriously-go today. This is historic couture and clothing collections. Leslie Hindman, who is running the tag sale says today the sale will continue until the last item is sold, which, at the rate things and at the rate the sale is going might be today or tomorrow.

Planned Sale Hours:
Thursday, November 29 | 10AM - 5PM
Friday, November 30 | 10AM - 5PM
Saturday, December 1 | 10AM - 3PM
Sunday, December 2 | 12PM - 4PM
Monday, December 3 | 10AM - 5PM
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Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

1338 W Lake Street, Chicago IL