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Somebody's Gonna Give You One Tasty Cookie Tomorrow

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Tomorrow morning, this tasty young cookie no. young man with tasty cookies whoa. calm... This young man will greet customers waiting in line outside Neiman Marcus, waiting to shop the 24-designer collection that Target and Neiman's have banded together to produce. His name is Phil and he's dressing up in Prada to pass out cookies with the Target x Neiman Marcus logo on them. Yes, 1 male model will pass out 500 cookies. That's a lot of numbers, we know, and there's more math where that came from. The rules, the wristbands, pricing... lots of numbers. Not to worry though, after the jump, you'll see we've done the 1 + 1 situations for you to make your shopping experience tomorrow that much more enjoyable.

The address of Neiman's store on Michigan Ave: 737
Employees on staff tomorrow: 320
Male Model named Phil: 1
Pieces of (black and red) Prada Phil will be wearing: 2
Homemade cookies phil is passing out: 500
People getting wristbands: 500
People allowed in the store at a time (corresponding to wristband color): 50
DJ named Sasha spinning holiday tunes: 1
Minutes to shop the collections: 15
Number of identical items you're allowed to buy: 5
Alice + Olivia Bikes in stock: 12
The price of the Tory Burch lunchbox: $19.99
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Neiman Marcus

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