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Kryolan Gets First Makeover in More Than 65 Years

an image for Kryolan's new ad campaign

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Last night it happened in London, tomorrow it happens in Chicago. The Kryolan Professional Makeup store on Halsted in Lincoln Park will be among the first of the brand's city stores to assume the new look. This is the first makeover in 65 years, which all include new products, a new slogan, website, ad campaign and packaging.

Now that the store has switched up fixtures in the store, the rest of the makeover can fall into place. Because the brand has maintained such a high standard since its conception, the slogan will change from "We color the world" to "Makeup is a science" referring to the brand's history in chemistry. The next step is the launching of new products like Makeup Blend which women can add to all cream foundations or concealers to enhance the smoothness and go on lighter. And finally, these products have new packaging which reflects the way the brand is changing to be even more consumer friendly.
· Kryolan [Official Site]


2034 N Halsted Street, Chicago IL