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Last Chance to Shop GaudyGod's Sale; No Longer Selling Women's

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Matt Kasin, AKA The GaudyGod is having a sale. Recently, the insanely popular Etsy vendor and dance party fixture cleaned out his closet to make room for a new incarnation of the GaudyGod style. As he tells us, the new GaudyGod direction is a combination of men's wear and unisex so he's marked lots of items on sale with a heavy-focus on women's, hoods and special heels that have been drawn on by a 9-year old who was paid to do so with cigarettes and whiskey. The sale is on now, and will most likely end at the end of this week while Matt hopes to move these items before mid November. Once these items have been sold or the listings expire, they're gone for good. Now, you're wondering about those shoes that have been drawn on by a 9-year old, right?

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