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Judy Maxwell Selling Turbans; Changes Facebook Profile Photo

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Judy Maxwell, winner of the Racked Award for "Best Atmosphere / Creative Merchandising" received their mannequin head and turban in the mail and is now displaying it, as you can see here within the Thanksgiving section of the store. The Thanksgiving section is a long table with 12 legs that is being merchandised with tools for entertaining like cake servers, plastic flatware, vintage juice pitchers and naturally, their Racked Award.

[Click to enlarge this beautiful screencap of Judy Maxwell's Facebook page]

Since the award has been Shoppers have been coming into the store, thinking it's for sale and want to buy it. Logically, the only thing to do is sell turbans in the store. Next week, look forward to pink and purple turbans galore. On a similar note, the store has now changed their Facebook profile photo to the mannequin wearing the gold turban.
· Judy Maxwell [Facebook]
· Judy Maxwell [Official Site]

Judy Maxwell

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