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Guess Who's Moving Into Burberry's Temporary Storefront in The Shops at North Bridge

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You might remember when Kenneth Cole closed his store in The Shops at North Bridge on Michigan Ave. It sat vacant for a while, at which time we speculated who would move in. Then Kooky, the children's store opened for a second. Nobody ended up moving in until it was time for Burberry to start construction on their mega flagship, so they moved in for about a year. Now...

Now, like the Cedar Hotel (when it was actually a hotel) in the Viagra Triangle, (rent-by-the-hour), Ermenegildo Zegna is taking a turn. Soonish, like at the beginning of next year, Zegna will be temporarily moving into this space in The Shops at North Bridge while their store at 645 N Michigan Ave begins an expansion to the second floor.
· The Shops at North Bridge [Official Site]
· Ermenegildo Zegna [Official Site]


633 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60606

The Shops at North Bridge

520 N Michigan Ave, Chicago IL