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Save Face...Literally...With Blemish Battling Duo at Cellular Intelligence

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Winter is our skin's kryptonite. It's just...too...much...(*strain-induced voice*). We break a sweat when fighting to ward off the cold weather evils. We've tried everything to save our face in the wake of Chicago's (sometimes) nine months of winter--everything from youthifying eye pads, truth telling lassos (our skin, unfortunately, never lies), and coats of armor (many coats of moisturizer still don't do the trick). Thankfully, we no longer have to battle the elements by ourselves. With the help of Cellular Intelligence's Antioxidant BioPerfect 3+ serum and corresponding facial, good skin always prevails.

The serum is part of a new skincare line exclusive to Cellular Intelligence, and promises the world in a bottle, all for $120. It fuses vitamins and peptides to increase collagen production (read: plump your skin to restore to its former youthfulness), to stave off the signs of aging and reverse the signs of sun damage. The serum reportedly does wonders for smoothing rough texture and is great at perfect-ing skin tone. But the best superheroes seem to come in twos...

CI's BioPerfect serum has an age-fighting sidekick in the AntiOxidant 3+ Facial Treatment. It essentially takes the effects of the serum and elevates it to new heights, coupling it with an enzyme exfoliant and self-heating mask. And you know we can't have facials these days without some kind of current--microcurrents fuse the serum with the mask to take your 20, 30, 40+ year old face back in time...back to a time before facial malevolence reared its ugly head. The facial treatment alone is $125, but with the serum, that's $245 to become a modern day skin She-Ra. Pow! Wap! Bam! Take that, evil winter ills! -J'nai Gaither
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Cellular Intelligence

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