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LIVEBLOGGING The Launch: Neiman Marcus x Target

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Join us on a journey through how the Neiman Marcus x Target collaboration went down with the bulk of our coverage being on Michigan Ave and State Street in Chicago care of Racked's own, Victoria Olivares, peppered with updates from the interwebs, Los Angeles, Miami and Minneapolis.

If you're just getting word of the Neiman Marcus x Target collaboration with 24 designers now and you want to shop it, your best bet is to go to CityTarget in the Loop as Neiman's on Michigan Ave is picked over. After the jump, we've documented blow-by-blow what happened during the launch.
12/02/12 4:30PM - The Neiman Marcus Store on Michigan Ave is sold out of the following (bullet pointed, hell, because it's a weekend):
- Judith Leiber compact in black & white and pink, blue, purple, pink & white
-Brian Atwood studded leather gloves
-Brian Atwood sunglasses
-Diane von Furstenberg yoga mat
-Photo frames
-Rodarte wrapping paper
-Tory Burch lunch box
-Tory Burch thermos
-Band of Outsiders best friends hats
-Tracy Reese desert plates
-Rodarte ornaments
-rag & bone flask
-rag & bone shot glasses

9:20 - Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the line Neiman Marcus store on Wilshire Boulevard has 15 people. Our favorite sun-soaked shopper in the land of La La, Noah Adler is lineblogging.

9:18 - Getting word (from inside the compound) that there's still a line at Neiman's on Michigan Ave. More than 250 people have shopped the collection so far and still coming. DJ Sasha must really be turning out the beats.

9:15 - The rest of the shops at Bal Harbour in Miami have opened and there are only a few people shopping in the roped off section.

9:10 - Aaaaand we're out because we felt like a creep hanging out with Target store employees and no other shoppers.

8:58 - Here's a gallery of what is left to shop from at CityTarget on State Street. If you go today, the best pieces were the barware, the children's dresses, and the Thom Browne blazers (that nobody was buying).

8:45 - There are only three people shopping the 24-designer collection inside the CityTarget. Plenty of everything left. Talking to a salesperson, we hear that there were only 20 people in line at 8:00. Insight: The Prabal cape was un-lined, the Rag & Bone sweaters ran large and perhaps the worst... the Oscar De La Renta bag was canvas. Perhaps these are reasons there is still stock on the shelves?

8:39 - CityTarget on State Street in the Loop is all quiet outside.

8:35 - A source from inside the Neiman Marcus store on Michigan Ave tells us there are groups of 50 for the next 45 minutes or so.

8:27 - Sauntering south on Michigan Avenue in the direction of the new burberry flagship, enroute to CityTarget, we see another line on the street. Why, it's a Niketown launch. Theres a guy wearing a Santa hat and about 10 other dudes. Racked's own Victoria Olivares speculates they get a free mini fridge with purchase.

8:25- Groups two and three are in line and getting anxious. Outside the store there are no more people waiting in line.

8:15 - People in group one have started to check-out and are leaving.

8:10 - The best selling (and by that we mean the fastest are the Judith Leiber compacts for 59.99.

8:02 - Tory Burch lunch boxes seem to be a hot item. The Prabal Gurung black cape is untouched. Also the Skaist Taylor faux-fur vest.

7:47 - The doors are open. We're headed up the escalators.

7:45 - Neiman Marcus is Offering Free Shipping online with Shipping Code NMSHIP [Racked National]

7: 34 - The Bal Harbour Shops -Women (diehard Neiman's shoppers) are leaving empty handed. Anna and Sylvia tell us the quality was not up to snuff and if they wanted Target pieces, they'd go to Target.

7:32 - There are 21 people are in line now. Propaganda is being passed out.

7:30 - A Neiman's Insider says there are only 4 people in line at Northbrook. and 4 people in line at Oakbrook. There are now 18 people in line here on Michigan Ave.

7:28 - There are three people in line at the Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis.

7:15 - Neiman's staff is pulling out the velvet ropes... and blasting Christmas music.

7:05 - Just as promised, the pretty model is here. He's about to spice things up to the first few in line by handing out candy canes.

7:03 - Neiman's employees inside are preparing. They look scared or confused.

7:00 - Still the first woman in line won't talk to us but she's totally Chatty Cathy with woman #2 who lives across the street and is buying Christmas gifts. There are now 7 people in line.

6:50 - Apparently they were expecting a line at Neiman's.

6:47 - There are 14 People in line at Neiman Marcus at The Bal Harbour Shops in Miami.

6:45 - Neiman Marcus Is Quickly Selling Out of Collab Merch, Target Remains Fully Stocked [Racked National]

6:40 - There are 2 people in line at Neiman Marcus. The first woman in line came all the way from Michigan and doesn't want to tell us who she is or have her photo taken.

6:30 - Still merchandise available on

6:22 - There is no line at CityTarget. Heading to Neiman's on Michigan Ave.

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