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The Mall Santa At Kooky Can't Drop any Naughty List Names

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Santas are legendary, their beards are mystical and the hat is an iconic fixture of holiday shopping. This season, we're sitting down with a few Chi-town Santas to "talk shop". We want to know which one of the reindeer really plays games and what the naughty kids actually ask for. Using your indoor voice, come with us as we climb atop Santa's lap and get to business.

[Photo: James Atkins Photography]

This week, we sit down with the Mall Santa at Kooky, a children's store in The Shops at North Bridge and find out that his naughty list really is "top-secret" and that Mrs. Claus is bad at communicating what she wants.

Racked: How many names are on your naughty list?
Santa Claus Not too many, but the ones that are on it are really naughty.

R: Can you drop any high profile names on the naughty list?
S.C. No, [smiles] that's confidential.

R: What are good kids asking for these days?
S.C. They're asking for a lot of iPads and so many toys... no Furbys though.

R: What is on Mrs Claus's Wish list?
S.C. You know, she's never told me.

R: Where do you go to keep your jelly belly in check?
S.C. The Mrs. put me on a diet. [frown] Broccoli, green beans; essentially reindeer food.

R: What are you doing for new years?
S.C. I'm most likely going to take it easy and wish the New Years in safely.

R: Do you go shopping the day after Christmas?
S.C. No! All my shopping is done before Christmas.
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